Brand Impact Awards 2016: shortlist revealed

This is the coveted trophy that they're vying for…

Computer Arts' Brand Impact Awards reward the very best branding from around the world. Now in its third year, the scheme's rich heritage of past winners represent the cream of the global branding industry. 2016's shortlist is no different.

This year, the Brand Impact Awards received over 160 entries. After a long, inspiring day filled with impassioned debates between the world-class judging panel, we can reveal the 47 projects from 33 different agencies that made the shortlist – scroll down for the full list.

The winning and highly commended projects will be revealed at the third-annual Brand Impact Awards ceremony at the Ham Yard Hotel, London, on 8 September.

Early bird prices are valid until 24 July, so book your tickets now to join the world's top agencies and discover 2016's big winners.

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Being shortlisted for the Brand Impact Awards is an accolade in itself. Standards are unfalteringly high, and if judges felt that none of the projects submitted in a category met the criteria, that category was cut altogether. Those criteria are:

  1. A strong, compelling concept that's appropriate for the client
  2. Beautiful and consistent execution across two or more brand touchpoints
  3. Branding that stands head and shoulders above the rest of its market sector

Also, being the only agency shortlisted in a category does not necessarily mean taking home a coveted BIA trophy on the night. So it's all to play for.

But without further ado, here are the agencies that made the shortlist in the Brand Impact Awards 2016:


Brand Impact Awards Fly on the Wall by Alphabetical

Fly on the Wall, by Alphabetical
  • Category: Education (branded campaigns)
  • Project: D&AD New Blood Festival: Fly on the Wall


Brand Impact Awards Escape the City by Article

Escape the City, by Article
  • Category: Education (branding programmes)
  • Project: Escape the City

Bienal Comunicación

Brand Impact Awards Workcenter M eacute xico by Bienal Comunicaci oacute n

Workcenter México, by Bienal Comunicación
  • Category: Property (branding programmes)
  • Project: Workcenter México

Blok Design

Brand Impact Awards Nota Bene by Blok Design

Nota Bene, by Blok Design
  • Category: Bars and Restaurants (branding programmes)
  • Project: Nota Bene

Bond & Coyne

Brand Impact Awards One Piece of Advice by Bond amp Coyne

One Piece of Advice, by Bond & Coyne
  • Category: Education (branded campaigns)
  • Project: Arts University Bournemouth: One Piece of Advice


Brand Impact Awards Muck Daddy by CBA

Muck Daddy, by CBA
  • Category: Automotive (branding programmes)
  • Project: Muck Daddy

DewGibbons + Partners

Brand Impact Awards ONA by DewGibbons Partners

ONA, by DewGibbons + Partners
  • Category: Artisan (branding programmes)
  • Project: ONA: Chilean pop-up dining


Brand Impact Awards Louis Vuitton America s Cup 2016 by GBH

Louis Vuitton America's Cup 2016, by GBH
  • Category: Sports (branding programmes)
  • Project Louis Vuitton America's Cup 2016

Hulse & Durrell

Brand Impact Awards Olympic Heritage Collection by Hulse amp Durrell

Olympic Heritage Collection, by Hulse & Durrell
  • Category: Sports (branding programmes)
  • Project: Olympic Heritage Collection


Brand Impact Awards Conker Gin by Interabang

Conker Gin, by Interabang
  • Category: Wine, Beers and Spirits (branding programmes)
  • Project Conker Gin

Jack Renwick Studio

Brand Impact Awards The Investment Association by Jack Renwick Studio

The Investment Association, by Jack Renwick Studio
  • Category: Financial Services (branding programmes)
  • Project The Investment Association

johnson banks

Brand Impact Awards Dear World Yours Cambridge by johnson banks

Dear World... Yours, Cambridge, by johnson banks
  • Category: Education (branded campaigns)
  • Project Dear World... Yours, Cambridge

Brand Impact Awards Brighton Festival Fifty Years by johnson banks

Brighton Festival Fifty Years, by johnson banks
  • Category: Culture (branded campaigns) – sponsored by Onlineprinters
  • Project Brighton Festival Fifty Years

Landor Associates

Brand Impact Awards Alitalia by Landor Associates

Alitalia, by Landor Associates
  • Category: Transport and Travel (branding programmes)
  • Project p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }Alitalia

Moving Brands

Brand Impact Awards Eir by Moving Brands

Eir, by Moving Brands
  • Category: Technology and Telecoms (branding programmes)
  • Project: Eir rebrand

Brand Impact Awards BBC iPlayer Kids by Moving Brands

BBC iPlayer Kids, by Moving Brands
  • Category: Entertainment (branding programmes)
  • Project: BBC iPlayer Kids


Brand Impact Awards Provident by Music

Provident, by Music
  • Category: Financial Services (branding programmes)
  • Project: Provident


Brand Impact Awards Ravensbourne by NB

Ravensbourne, by NB
  • Category: Education (branding programmes)
  • Project: Ravensbourne rebrand

Brand Impact Awards The Glenlivet Cipher by NB

The Glenlivet Cipher, by NB
  • Category: Wine, Beers and Spirits (branded campaigns)
  • Project: The Glenlivet Cipher


Brand Impact Awards Co op by North

Co-op, by North
  • Category: Retail (branding programmes)
  • Project: Co-op rebrand

Brand Impact Awards Arjowiggins by North

Arjowiggins, by North
  • Category: Professional Services (branding programmes)
  • Project: Arjowiggins rebrand


Brand Impact Awards Manomasa by Pearlfisher

Manomasa, by Pearlfisher
  • Category: FMCG (branding programmes)
  • Project: Manomasa

Peter & Paul

Brand Impact Awards Chickentown by Peter amp Paul

Chickentown, by Peter & Paul
  • Category: Not-for-Profit (branding programmes)
  • Project: Chickentown


Brand Impact Awards Birmingham Hippodrome by Purpose

Birmingham Hippodrome, by Purpose
  • Category: Culture (branding programmes) – sponsored by Onlineprinters
  • Project: Birmingham Hippodrome

Brand Impact Awards Society for Experimental Biology by Purpose

Society for Experimental Biology, by Purpose
  • Category: Education (branding programmes)
  • Project: Society for Experimental Biology

Sagmeister & Walsh

Brand Impact Awards Appy Fizz by Sagmeister amp Walsh

Appy Fizz, by Sagmeister & Walsh
  • Category: FMCG (branded campaigns)
  • Project: Appy Fizz


Brand Impact Awards The Brutalist Playground by SB

The Brutalist Playground, by SB
  • Category: Culture (branded campaigns) – sponsored by Onlineprinters
  • Project: The Brutalist Playground


Brand Impact Awards Debbie Thomas by SomeOne

Debbie Thomas, by SomeOne
  • Category: Professional Services (branding programmes)
  • Project: Debbie Thomas rebrand

Brand Impact Awards Personal Group by SomeOne

Personal Group, by SomeOne
  • Category: Professional Services (branding programmes)
  • Project: Personal Group

Brand Impact Awards Aston Villa by SomeOne

Brand Impact Awards - Aston Villa, by SomeOne
  • Category: Sports (branding programmes)
  • Project: Aston Villa rebrand


Brand Impact Awards Sharing Economy by Supple

Sharing Economy, by Supple
  • Category: Not-for-Profit (branding programmes)
  • Project: Sharing Economy

Brand Impact Awards Armadillo by Supple

Armadillo, by Supple
  • Category: Professional Services (branding programmes)
  • Project: Armadillo

The Allotment

Brand Impact Awards Give London by The Allotment

Give London, by The Allotment
  • Category: Not-for-Profit (branding programmes)
  • Project: Give London

The Chase

Brand Impact Awards The Fifth Continent by The Chase

The Fifth Continent, by The Chase
  • Category: Culture (branding programmes) – sponsored by Onlineprinters
  • Project: Robert Walker: The Fifth Continent

The Clearing

Brand Impact Awards Breast Cancer Now by The Clearing

Breast Cancer Now, by The Clearing
  • Category: Not-for-Profit (branding programmes)
  • Project: Breast Cancer Now

Brand Impact Awards Royal Ascot by The Clearing

Royal Ascot, by The Clearing
  • Category: Sports (branding programmes)
  • Project: Royal Ascot rebrand

The Partners

Brand Impact Awards BHF Care Instructions That Care by The Partners

Care Instructions That Care, by The Partners
  • Category: Not-for-Profit (branded campaigns)
  • Project: British Heart Foundation: Care Instructions That Care

Brand Impact Awards Argos Simple Value by The Partners

Argos: Simple Value, by The Partners
  • Category: Retail (branded campaigns)
  • Project: Argos: Simple Value

Brand Impact Awards A Stitch in Time by The Partners

A Stitch in Time, by The Partners
  • Category: Not-for-Profit (branded campaigns)
  • Project: Fine Cell Work: A Stitch in Time

Brand Impact Awards Run For America by The Partners

Run For America, by The Partners
  • Category: Public Sector (branded campaigns)
  • Project: Run For America

Thunderclap Creative

Brand Impact Awards Wild Minded by Thunderclap Creative

Wild Minded, by Thunderclap Creative
  • Category: Education (branded campaigns)
  • Project: Wild Minded

Turner Duckworth

Brand Impact Awards Brawny by Turner Duckworth

Brawny, by Turner Duckworth
  • Category: FMCG (branding programmes)
  • Project: Brawny

Brand Impact Awards Coors Light by Turner Duckworth

Coors Light, by Turner Duckworth
  • Category: Wine, Beers and Spirits (branding programmes)
  • Project: Coors Light rebrand

Brand Impact Awards Miller Light Steinie by Turner Duckworth

Miller Light Steinie, by Turner Duckworth
  • Category: Wine, Beers and Spirits (branded campaigns)
  • Project: Miller Light Steinie

VIMN Domestic

Brand Impact Awards I Am My MTV by VIMN Domestic

I Am My MTV, by VIMN Domestic
  • Category: Entertainment (branded campaigns)
  • Project: I Am My MTV

Wolff Olins

Brand Impact Awards The Met by Wolff Olins

The Met, by Wolff Olins
  • Category: Culture (branding programmes) – sponsored by Onlineprinters
  • Project: The Met

WPA Pinfold

Brand Impact Awards Bulwark cider by WPA Pinfold

Bulwark cider, by WPA Pinfold
  • Category: Wine, Beers and Spirits (branding programmes)
  • Project: Bulwark cider

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