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Design an event logo

Effective logo design requires careful consideration of a variety of things. The creative process must include considered technical execution, as well as focus on creating a stunning, effective, and simple visual metaphor. Generally, the process begins with a brief from your client. Even the most basic brief must communicate the core, intrinsic values of the brand. It is with these values in mind that you can begin the process of designing an appropriate visual metaphor.

In this case, the logo we'll be designing is for an event entitled Organica 1. Organica 1 is an exhibition of art inspired by, and based upon, organic forms and patterns found in nature. The content of the show itself is very diverse. Everything from architecture and industrial design to paintings and illustration is included. It is vital that the visual metaphor we create for this reflects nature in one way, shape, or form.

Regardless of the visual metaphor we create, there are fundamental design principles to be considered overall. There must be unity among the different elements in the logo. The logo must fit together as a single unit, and not just appear as a jumble of elements pasted together. Differentiation between the colours in your logo is required, not just in terms of hue, but in terms of value as well, so that it translates well either to black-and-white or greyscale if necessary.

Other factors to consider are timelessness and scalability. A crucial element in both these considerations is the font you choose. Beware of trendy fonts, and also watch out for fonts that will not reproduce well at small sizes. You should always choose a font that is appropriate and at the same time complements your visual trademark.

When the process is complete, you're left with a successful logo design that clearly conveys what the event is about and positions it within the marketplace. The event will be identified with impact, consistency, and the overall content will be clearly represented.

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