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Design a striking logo

It's important to use recognisable symbols when designing a graphic logo, so that viewers can 'read' the mark without the aid of typography.

When I started off making my Hope for Peace logo, I looked for a general design that I could use in a variety of situations, that could convey the idea of unity and peace in a simple but effective way.

I began by making a list of possible symbols for both themes, and decided to go with children holding hands as a symbol of unity, and a dove as a symbol of peace. Both may seem rather clich©d, but I knew that if I combined them in an innovative and intriguing way, this would work in my favour in regards to readability. It's won a number of awards since then, including a Gold Pencil from The One Club and an AIGA Certificate of Design Excellence.

In this project I take you through the process of creating a graphic-based logo from scratch. Read on to find out how to manipulate positive and negative space to create an attention-grabbing, versatile logo of your own.

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