Evian revamps its bottle with sleek new design

NEW DESIGN: a sleeker bottle design and a slightly tweaked logo

For the first time in over a decade, Evian Natural Spring Water has unveiled a brand new bottle design as it attempts to create a 'new connection' with US consumers within premium water.

The new bottle - the first redesign for the company in 14 years - replaces the previous contoured design with sleek, clean lines and bevelled outline of the French Alps, celebrating the water's source. The Evian identity has also undergone a makeover, the 500ml bottle featuring a label-less look and simplified, minimal version of the previous logo design.

OLD DESIGN: The previous bottle design was distinctly contoured

"Evian has been the icon of the category for three decades, yet its vibe and skin had become dated," explains Eric O'Toole, presidents of Danone Waters North America. "We wanted to remake the brand so consumers would be proud to once again call it their favourite water. It's a sharp new look, and we can't wait to see it here, there, and everywhere."

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