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Create a unique logo identity in just 7 steps

05. Add detail using Illustrator

With the text of the logo saved and exported to Photoshop, I then set about creating a new layer of detail in Illustrator. I opened a new file from a library of vector images that I have. As the logo is the Japanese word for 'create', I decided to give the file a more oriental feel by playing around with some ornamental, flowery vectors.

Once I was happy with the placing of the details, I deleted the words. I then saved a new Illustrator document with the flower detail on it, and exported it as a layered Photoshop file.

06. Combine the images

Next, I set about combining the two separate images in Photoshop. I opened the text and detail files and placed them on top of each other, moving them around until I was happy with their postioning. Using the Wand tool, I selected the words and began erasing parts of the flowers to make it appear as though they were growing behind the type and wrapping around it

07. Final touches

For the final touches, I coloured the flowers in a solid 100% magenta, before duplicating the layer and filling it with a rainbow gradient. I then experimented with the opacity and different effects, and settled on a multiply, which gave me a good coloured effect. Finally, I merged the two layers together and scrolled through the hue/sauturation options until I was happy with the colour scheme. Job done.

Words: Alan Wardle

Alan Wardle is a senior creative and the man behind UK clothing brand Any Forty. This tutorial first appeared in Computer Arts magazine.

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