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Earn more money with the new Computer Arts

Are you earning what you should be? This month's new Computer Arts is all about money. Between the covers (designed by the ever-talented Andrew Gibbs and featuring a special scratch card effect) we've packed in all you need to know about earnings in the design world.

Grab your print copy here, and the digital edition on Apple Newsstand (UK edition or US edition).

Kicking off, we've got an extended report which takes a closer look at who's earning what in the creative industries - and what to do if your pay packet is falling short. In our opinions section, Vince Frost explains how to protect your valuable ideas and Laura Jordan-Bambach shares her thoughts on why young designers should never have to work for free. Finally, we've asked top creatives to share their thoughts on what design really is worth, anyway?

Elsewhere in the issue, we take a look at the new stars of Dutch design, with Rick Poynor reassessing the state of the creative scene after inciting national outrage with a rather scathing account in 2010.

In our projects section, Bot & Dolly and Gmunk explain how they created Box, a mesmerising promo film that has captured the attentions of the design industry with its pioneering use of robotics and projection-mapping onto moving surfaces. Plus, Good Wives and Warriors gives a step-by-step guide to how it transformed a huge blank wall in a seafood restaurant into a fantastical underwater scene, using its signature blackboard paint.

Also inside the February issue:

  • Exclusive video diaries from Moving Brands
  • We visit Alt Group – the studio that managed to garner an international reputation without even having a website
  • A showcase of all the best new design work from around the globe
  • Gavin Potenza talks about how working in a studio with other talented freelancers helps him stave of boredom and stay inspired

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