The best graphics cards for VR

Composite image showing six of the best graphics cards for VR
(Image credit: Mike Griggs)

Looking for the best graphics cards for VR? We're not surprised. The brilliant new Meta Quest 3 has just arrived, and Apple is hot on its heels with the forthcoming Vision Pro mixed-reality headset. This means more and more developers are creating amazing games and experiences for VR. Maybe you're looking for the best graphics card for Oculus Quest 2. Read on. 

But unless your VR device is being driven from an internal computer like the Meta Quest, your experience will be determined by the power of the PC driving your headset. In this case, having the best graphics card (GPU) is key to unlocking the most from this eye-popping content.  

Mike Griggs

Mike Griggs is a veteran digital content creator and technical writer. For nearly 30 years, Mike has been creating digital artwork, animations and VR elements for multi-national companies and world-class museums. Mike has been a writer for 3D World Magazine and Creative Bloq for over 10 years, where he has shared his passion for demystifying the process of digital content creation.

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