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The best monitors for Mac mini in 2021

The best monitors for Mac Mini
(Image credit: Unsplash)

One of the best monitors for Mac mini is vital. That’s not only because this mini PC doesn’t come with its own display, but also because it deserves to deliver the most immersive experience it can offer. Thanks to the Mac mini M1, Apple’s smallest computer is more powerful than ever before with three times the processing performance and six times the graphical performance of its predecessor.

This means that the Mac mini is now capable of seeing you through your creative workflow, as well as your multi-tasking demands. Not that its predecessors are a slouch. The 2018 model, for one, was also packed with some impressive specs. Whichever one you have, you’ll only do it justice by pairing it with the best monitor for Mac mini.

So, keeping in mind different needs, budgets, and user types, we’ve rounded up the best monitors for Mac mini right here. We've considered image quality, resolution, colour gamut support, and feature-set then compared those with the price tag to ensure that whatever you’re getting, you’re getting great value. Also, while we don’t prioritise a high-power USB-C connection in our selection below, some of the displays that made the cut make for the best monitors for MacBook Pro as well, which means that if you have both and switch from one to the other, you might just find the ideal monitor for that right here. 

If you're looking for a monitor for a specific purpose, take a look at our best 4K monitors, best monitors for photo editing, and best monitors for video editing roundups. 

The best monitors for Mac mini in 2021

LG 32UN880 UltraFine Display Ergocb badge

(Image credit: LG)

01. LG 32UN880 UltraFine Ergo

The best monitor for Mac mini for creatives overall

Size: 31.5 inches
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Input: 1 x DisplayPort, 2 x HDMI, 1 x USB-C
Brightness (typical): 350 cd/m2
Reasons to buy
+Gorgeous colours and great picture quality+Versatile ergonomic stand
Reasons to avoid
-HDR nothing to write home about

It’s hard to beat the value that the LG 32UN880 UltraFine Ergo offers, which is why it’s made it into several of our best monitors list. This 31.5-inch display’s marquee feature might just be its ultra-versatile ergonomic C-Clamp stand and One Click mount, which allows it to be positioned pretty much whichever way you need. However, it’s also hard to argue the fact that it’s among the best value monitors out there, which makes it and the Mac mini a match in economical heaven.

For much less than many of its rivals, it offers 4K resolution, HDR10 support, USB-C connectivity, and a beautifully uncluttered design. That’s on top of its 95% DCI-P3 colour gamut and decent 350 nits of brightness. From a creative pro’s perspective, those specs are perhaps the bare minimum. However, for the rest of us creative folks who are looking for a monitor that will deliver without burning a hole in our pockets, this one’s a shoo-in.

ViewSonic VP2458

(Image credit: Viewsonic)

02. ViewSonic VP2458

The best budget monitor for Mac mini

Size: 23.8 inches
Resolution: 1,920 x 1,080
Input: 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI, VGA
Brightness (typical): 250 cd/m2
Reasons to buy
+Solid colour support+Full ergonomic adjustments
Reasons to avoid
-Only Full HD resolution

The ViewSonic VP2458 gets all the key details right despite coming at a much lower price than most monitors aimed at pro creatives. It boasts 100% sRGB colour support and out-of-the-box accuracy to Delta E <2 – just what you'd expect from far more expensive options. What it lacks are wider colour gamuts, higher brightness levels and a higher resolution, but if you can do without those, this is just the ticket.

It's also ideal for smaller desks, as it's one of the few monitors around that offers both strong accuracy but measures under 27 inches. There's no cutting corners on the stand adjustment, with height, tilt, pivot and swivel control all included, making it easy to set the device up comfortably. It's a simple screen that does its job well, giving you a great display to work on.

Asus ProArt 27 PA278CVCB endorsed

(Image credit: Asus)

03. ASUS ProArt PA278CV

The best Mac mini monitor for balancing budget and pro features

Size: 27 inches
Resolution: 2,560 x 1,440
Input: 1 x USB-C, 2 x DisplayPort 1.2, 1 x HDMI
Brightness (maximum): 350 cd/m2
Reasons to buy
+Amazing colour support for the price+Great connectivity
Reasons to avoid
-Average brightness

Look at the price above, and then look at the feature list: 100% sRGB and 100% REC 709 support, Calman Verified for accuracy out of the box (Delta E <2 promised, of course), 75Hz refresh rate, monitor daisy chaining built-in, an on-screen scaling overlay to show the actual size of paper over your work, and low blue-light tech.

You could get a Mac mini with two of these for the price of an iMac, which would be one hell of a pro setup – especially with the daisy-chaining feature, which enables you to use DisplayPort to connect two screens to each other, with one connection to the Mac mini. They also offer HDMI and USB-C, of course, and act as a connection hub. It's phenomenal value, and the only real downside is that they're not 4K.

MSI Prestige PS341cb badge

(Image credit: MSI)

04. MSI Prestige PS341WU

The best 5K monitor for Mac mini

Size: 34 inches
Resolution: 5,120 x 2,160
Input: 1 x DisplayPort, 2 x HDMI, 1 x USB-C
Brightness (typical): 450 cd/m2
Reasons to buy
+Bright, with strong colour support+Ultrawide 4K resolution
Reasons to avoid
-Might be too big for some

MSI is best known for its gaming products, but it's made a strong push to win over creative pros, and the Prestige PS341WU is a successful result of that. The 98% DCI-P3 colour support is very welcome, as is the brightness level, which is higher than the average monitor. It even supports HDR600, if you have something connected that can take advantage of it.

The 5,120 x 2,160 resolution is basically a 4K screen that's been stretched out to ultrawide, with a 21:9 aspect ratio. This is actually very useful, since it not only gives you more working space overall, but also means you can display Ultra HD or Cinema 4K video at full size, and still have space for some adjustment controls.

It's good for connectivity, good for ergonomic setups (with height, tilt, pivot and swivel adjustments), and image quality is top notch. What's not to like? The build quality doesn't feel as pro as the likes of Dell's displays, but we're nitpicking really.

Philips 499P9H

(Image credit: Philips)

05. LG 49WL95C-WE 49in Curved Ultrawide

The best curved monitor for Mac mini

Size: 49 inches
Resolution: 5,120 x 1,440
Input: 1 x DisplayPort, 2 x HDMI, 1 x USB-C
Brightness (max): 350 cd/m2
Reasons to buy
+Gigantic space to work+Great colour support
Reasons to avoid
-It's a LOT of screen

A small device doesn't mean you need to skimp on workspace, and the LG 49WL95C-WE has plenty of that. This curved ultrawide monitor is effectively two 2,560 x 1,440 monitors fused side-by-side into one super-screen – for those who usually run a twin-display setup, its huge size might actually save you some space, since you'll only have the footprint of one screen.

This screen provides 5k resolution for extra sharpness and details, an adjustable stand with height, tilt, and swivel controls for a perfect viewing angle and an ambient light sensor for auto-brightness and True Tone features to auto-adjust external display settings.

Dell UltraSharp UP2720Q

(Image credit: Dell)

06. Dell UP2720Q

The best 4K monitor for Mac mini with impeccable accuracy

Size: 27 inches
Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160
Input: 1 x Thunderbolt 3/USB-C, 2 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort
Brightness (max): 250 cd/m2
Reasons to buy
+Self-checking colour calibration+Thunderbolt 3 connectivity
Reasons to avoid
-It isn't cheap

The Dell UP2720Q is for those who have discerning colour accuracy and connectivity needs and are seeking a pro-level monitor. Here, you get 100% Adobe RGB, 80% BT. 2020 and 98% DCI-P3 gamut support, but the crown jewel is the built-in colorimeter that's CalMAN ready. It checks its own screen regularly to make sure accuracy hasn't drifted, so you don't need to worry about it.

This monitor also adds Thunderbolt 3 hub support, so if you want to daisy chain or just have several high-bandwidth accessories to connect, it's ready to go. This comes on top of all of the advantages of the screen at number one, including a razor-sharp 4K display and great ergonomics. Alas, you've still only got 250 nits of brightness, but that's no issue if accuracy is your main requirement. The only other downside on this one is that it's more expensive.

BenQ EX3501R

(Image credit: BenQ)

07. BenQ EX3501R

The best ultrawide monitor for Mac mini on a lower budget

Size: 35 inches
Resolution: 3,440 x 1,440
Input: 1 x USB-C, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort
Brightness (typical): 300 cd/m2
Reasons to buy
+Great size for multitasking+Useful connectivity
Reasons to avoid
-Average brightness

We've featured ultrawide monitors already, but they've been quite high-end. If you want the extra working space but don't need high-end features, the answer might be the BenQ EX3501R. It has some great features of its own, including 100% sRGB coverage and a refresh rate of up 100Hz if you want to also use it as a gaming display, but the main draw here is the 21:9 aspect ratio. 

This is an expanded Quad HD display. At 35 inches, that provides a wonderful amount of extra space to work, although naturally, it's not as sharp as the 4K options here. With a bit of extra connectivity on board as well if you need it, this is a great option for those who need a lot of windows open but only want to use the one screen.

BenQ SW321C PhotoVue

(Image credit: BenQ)

08. BenQ SW321C PhotoVue

The best 32-inch monitor for Mac mini for photographers

Screen size: 31.5-inch
Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160
Input: 1 x DisplayPort 1.4, 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x USB-C
Brightness: 250 cd/m2
Reasons to buy
+Hardware calibrated accuracy+Large 4K display
Reasons to avoid
-Not bright-Connection bay is awkward to reach

This is hands down one of the best displays for photographers, and for various reasons. The 32-inch 4K screen lets you really get in and see every pixel if you need to, or simply provides a nice big and detailed canvas to view overall. For colour support, you've got 99% Adobe RGB, 95% P3, 100% sRGB all factory calibrated, with a 16-but 3D LUT helping to maintain realistic colour gradation. 

Speaking of calibration, you can adjust colour profiles on the monitor's internal image processor, without changing it in your Mac's software at all. A clever PaperSync feature that enables you to choose from different paper types, and the display will attempt to mimic what your image would look like on that material. Gimmicky perhaps, but even without it, this is simply a phenomenal screen for photographers. The low brightness is a trade-off we can live with for total accuracy. It also offers some extra connections, though they're a bit recessed for our liking.

Asus ProArt PA32UC-K

(Image credit: Asus)

09. Asus ProArt PA32UC-K

The best video editing monitor for Mac mini

Size: 32 inches
Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160
Input: 2 x Thunderbolt 3, 4 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort
Brightness (max): 1,000 cd/m2
Reasons to buy
+1,000-nit peak brightness+Thunderbolt 3 connectivity
Reasons to avoid
-Overkill for non-video work

For those who want to work with HDR video, the trouble with most monitors is the lack of brightness – you can't see what things would look like on a mid-range or better TV. That is not the case here. 1,000 nits of peak brightness puts this monitor up there with great TVs In fact, the use of Mini-LED means its localised dimming is actually more precise than a lot of TVs can manage for fantastic contrast, with hundreds of individual zones. 

Its 4K resolution is also ideal, so you can really watch something at full quality here. Naturally, that means great DCI-P3 colour support (95% in this case), but 99.5% Adobe RGB and 100% sRGB coverage make it great for other work too. There's Thunderbolt 3 connectivity on board, which is ideal if you'll have RAIDs full of raw high-res footage. This monitor strikes a balance, offering excellent features for video pros, without entering the seriously high pricing of a Hollywood video monitor.


(Image credit: ASUS)

10. Asus ProArt Display PA148CTV

The best portable monitors for creative digital nomads

Size: 14 inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Input: 2 x USB-C, 1 x Micro HDMI
Brightness (max): 300 cd/m²
Reasons to buy
+Impressively bright and vibrant+Touchscreen is reliable and handy
Reasons to avoid
-Only 1080p

The Mac mini’s svelte and portable nature makes the ideal travelling companion, especially if you’re going away for a long period for work or travelling full-time. Nomadic creators aren’t likely to have access to a monitor made specifically for video or photo editing, which means something like the Asus ProArt Display PA148CTV might just do the trick.

There aren’t a lot of portable monitors designed specifically for content creation out there, even less that perform as well as this. And, unsurprisingly so, as this boasts 100% sRGB and 100% Rec. 709 colour gamut, and Delta E < 2 colour accuracy, which means it’s just the ticket for editing on the go – short of a laptop, that is. It also comes with an incredibly responsive touchscreen and the ASUS Dial that works to simplify your Photoshop, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro workflows. 

And, finally, when you’re finally back in your home studio or office, this portable monitor can moonlight as a control panel, again to make your workflow seamless and let you focus on the creative part of the process.

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