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Designers reveal how to be a perfect client

Please don't be a dick

Will this book stop you from working with the client from hell?

What makes the ideal client? Well, we're sure many of you have plenty of suggestions out there after hearing some of the craziest client requests ever and once you've started on a job, the client can turn into a nightmare. This new book from GOAT aims to unlock the secrets of great client relationships.

'Please, don't be a dick' enables clients to gauge what designers want from them. "During our first meeting with the brilliant Paul Furey he asked 'If I were to hire you guys, how would you want me to act as a client to be the perfect client?'," they explain. To which we responded 'there is no such thing as a perfect client, just please, don't be a dick'"

"We wrote the book because before we usually start a project with a client, we explain a few important things to them. We decided that a book would be more helpful for them," explains GOAT's Paul Attard. "We then decided to expand the idea for general design clients that other designers can use."

Read a sample and download the book over on the book's website.

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