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Vimeo On Demand: a new way to share your work

Animators, 3D artists and illustrators alike will always want to share their work with the world. The problem is, most of you have never been able to make any money from your efforts. That's all about to change...

Vimeo today launched its open self-distribution service, Vimeo On Demand. Available now to all Vimeo PRO members, Vimeo On Demand allows creators to sell their works directly to their audiences and retain a 90 percent share of the revenue after transaction costs.

In addition to its creator-friendly revenue share, Vimeo On Demand gives creators the flexibility and control to choose their price; select country-by-country availability; customise their page design; and offer content on Vimeo, their own website, or both.

Making things simple

"What used to be a confusing and labor-intensive process is now open and simple with Vimeo On Demand," said Blake Whitman, Vice President of Creative Development. "We always strive to provide our community and visitors with the best experience possible, and this opens up a new world of viewable content and support for creators."

Vimeo On Demand will launch at the SXSW Interactive + Film Festival with a screening of It’s Such a Beautiful Day, the latest work by Academy Award-nominated animator Don Hertzfeldt. So, is this a step in the right direction for the creative industry?

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