Derrick The Deathfin: first underwater paper craft game

Created by East London street artist Ronzo and indie game studio Different Tuna, Derrick The Deathfin brings a whole new level of game craft to the PlayStation - thanks to the inspired use of paper craft techniques to bring the character designs and set designs to life.

Derrick The Deathfin concept drawing

Derrick The Deathfin concept drawing

Everything you see on screen in Derrick The Deathfin - from individual characters to your score - were originally created in paper form before translated into the digital realm. The end result is a €6.99 arcade game that manages to look both astonishingly contemporary yet retro, while also being funny, exciting and rewarding to play.

Derrick The Deathfin in game footage

Derrick The Deathfin: in-game footage

"Derrick's quest takes him all around the globe, through three types of level, four different continents, 11 vibrant environments and 32 challenging levels," Different Tuna says. The aim being to survive the many dangers that lie ahead, including beautifully realised - and oversized - paper craft baddies.

Paper craft promo

To accompany the launch of the games on the PlayStation Network, the developers have also created a series of DIY paper kits of the various characters along with a promo video, which feature the original paper craft models alongside other video and in-game footage. There's even a Making Of movie so you can see how the whole thing was created.

Both the promo video and Making Of are posted below: