5 iPad tools for creative pros

01. Projector
Project management is not a sexy subject. However, if you're overseeing remotely complex projects, you'll need some way of making sense of the various tasks, processes, and resources involved. You can view via Gantt chart, or resource, and there's upcoming support for dependency linking (a way to link two or more co-dependent tasks together). Like we said, not sexy, but it's a cinch to use.
Cost: £11.99

02. Evernote
Evernote is a repository for all the little bits of disparate data you accrue from day to day; from clipping simple text notes to entire web pages, Evernote makes it easy to stay organised. There's a free basic account (offering 40MB of uploads a month), but for $5 per month - or $45 for the year - you get 500MB of uploads each month, collaboration tools and more powerful search options.
Cost: Free/$5 per month

03. WordPress
If you showcase your work via a website, there's a very good chance that you're using WordPress to power the little blighter. The WordPress app for the iPad enables you to add new posts whilst you're on the go, and you can also attach pictures to posts. It's not the most feature-rich app we've ever seen, but it's intuitive to use, and - best of all - it's free!
Cost: Free

04. Dropbox
Dropbox is a cross-platform app that enables you to back-up, sync and share files. Once you've installed Dropbox on your Mac or PC, a new folder is created that shows up in Finder or My Computer. Anything placed in that folder will automatically back up to the cloud. The iPad app enables you to access these files, view many of them (see supported types at www.dropbox.com/help/80), and send links so you can share documents with clients, collaborators and colleagues.
Cost: 2GB (free), 50GB ($9 p/m), 100GB ($19.99 p/m)

05. iMockups
iMockups has been created to enable the quick and easy production of wireframes and layouts (especially for sites and apps). Once you get around the (already grating) wood/brushed steel interface, there are bags of noteworthy features. The ability to drag-and-drop elements including text areas, image holders and navigation blocks means that, rather than helping supplement your current workflow, iMockups could actually play an integral role in how you tackle new projects.
Cost: £5.99

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