12 typography accounts to follow on Instagram

Instagram is a great resource for design inspiration. We've already featured inspiring photographers to follow on Instagram: now it's time to focus on typographic brilliance. Scroll through these beauties and get following – swiping will never create so much font inspiration.

01. Typography Inspired

typography instagram accounts

Typography Inspired does exactly what it says on the tin

Arguably one of the most popular typography Instagram accounts out there, Typography Inspired is the perfect burst of illustrated fonts for just about every style. With over 318,000 followers, Typography Inspiration is clearly doing something right. Join in on the font fun and you won't regret it.

02. 36 Days Of Type

If you’re looking for letter-based inspiration, 36daysoftype is for you

Is there a more inspiring type-based Instagram account than 36daysoftype? The yearly open call invites designers, illustrators and visual artists from around the world to submit handcrafted letters and numbers. The best ones appear on the feed, with new type-based goodness every day. Some of the designs are absolutely incredible – and you can get involved too.

03. The Daily Type

Lacking motivation in attractive typographical form? Find it at The Daily Type

This self-styled biggest Instagram collection of typography pictures appears to live up to its name, with a pleasing variety of typography on show, covering everything from hand lettering and typographical illustrations through to print design and those type-laden motivational posters that everyone loves. If you want a couple of pieces of quality type to turn up in your stream every day, you've come to the right place.


Stefan Kunz's account is where typography and religion meet

If you're averse to church then you might find Stefan Kunz's account a bit much; he loves the heck out of Jesus and a lot of his work consists of calligraphic Bible quotes. If typography's your religion, though, you'll find plenty to worship here.

05. Creative Bloq

Hit us up with stuff for our typography account!

Yep, we're banging our own drum: the Creative Bloq Instagram account is where we stash any exciting or inspiring pieces of typography that we might happen upon. Let us know if you've seen – or designed – something that might fit nicely.

06. Best Dressed Signs

typography on instagram

Hand-painted type and cute cats makes Best Dressed Signs a winner in our books

If hand-painted typography is your bag, you'll instantly want to follow Boston-based Instagrammers Best Dressed Signs. Rustling up a range of colourful and creative signage, the typography on offer is absolutely delicious. Throw in a couple of cats and you know you're doing the internet right.

07. Jessica Hische

typography instagram

It's type and more with Jessica Hische's Instagram account

Of course we had to include Jessica Hische. As the queen of typography, she creates beautiful fonts for a wide range of clients. The account offers up some sneak previews as well as finished pieces. If you're interested in seeing more from Jessica – namely cats, leggings, scrummy food and the occasional baby, then you'd better get following.

08. Jackson Alves

typography on instagram

You'll find it hard to find a better Instagram account for calligraphy

Jackson Alves is a type designer and teacher based in south Brazil. Showing off his calligraphy and lettering skills, you'll be hard pressed to find a better Instagram account for such examples. We've been drooling over his creations all afternoon and we think you will too.

09. Seb Lester

OK, we did it: we found an even bigger Instagram account for calligraphy. With over 1m followers, Seb Lester has been wowing type aficionados with his incredible hand-drawn lettering skills for years. He has serious sign credentials – his type is on all manner of household products – and is worth a follow by anyone with an interest in typography.   

10. Martina Flor

typography on instagram

There's a mix of her own creations and spotted signange on Martina Flor's Instagram

A letterer and designer based in Berlin, Martina Flor is pretty experienced when it comes to creating beautiful type. Not only does she share her own creations, but if she's out and about and spots some lovely signage, she's quick to upload it too. Well worth a follow.

11. Copenhagen Type

Probably the best Copenhagen-focused type account in the world

Type designer Rasmus Lund Mathisen is a big fan of the hand-painted type that sign painters daubed on the walls of Copenhagen in the early 20th century, and this formed the focus of his graduation project. His Instagram account is a continuation of this project, featuring archive imagery and photos of street typography snapped in modern Copenhagen.

12. The Type Hunter

Never mind the borax, here's The Type Hunter

Keith Tatum is creative director at Resource and a persistent maker of things. If you're a fan of vintage type then step right up. His Instagram stream is a veritable torrent of the most glorious antique typography from the late 19th and early 20th century, all delightful slabs, beautiful hand-etched lettering and deliciously quirky adverts for things like borax and ammonia and 'Ball-Band'. Oh yeah.

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