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Album artwork of the week: Richard Neale's 'Human Resources'

The music business may be mainly about downloads these days, but a decent album cover design remains vital to the success of a new release, and a recent revival in vinyl has guaranteed a future for the discipline. Every week we'll be picking our favourite new album artwork, and today we take a look at 'Human Resources' by Richard Neale.

Neale designed the artwork and hexagonal, die-cut packaging for both the CD and 12-inch vinyl version of the album. Both each of the formats opens like a flower to reveal the disc inside.

Neal is attempting to fund the album on Kickstarter, where he states: "I’m really passionate about keeping music alive as a physical format. While I could release the album just as a download, I don’t think it would do the music justice. I don’t intend to make any money out of this, the target I need to raise is to cover all mastering and production costs."

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Craig Stewart
Craig Stewart used to be the editor of Creative Bloq. He has written about everything from cars and design to football and tech for numerous national newspapers, websites and magazines, including Classic Ford, Haynes and T3.