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Album artwork of the week: Richard Neale's 'Human Resources'

The music business may be mainly about downloads these days, but a decent album cover design remains vital to the success of a new release, and a recent revival in vinyl has guaranteed a future for the discipline. Every week we'll be picking our favourite new album artwork, and today we take a look at 'Human Resources' by Richard Neale.

Neale designed the artwork and hexagonal, die-cut packaging for both the CD and 12-inch vinyl version of the album. Both each of the formats opens like a flower to reveal the disc inside.

Neal is attempting to fund the album on Kickstarter, where he states: "I’m really passionate about keeping music alive as a physical format. While I could release the album just as a download, I don’t think it would do the music justice. I don’t intend to make any money out of this, the target I need to raise is to cover all mastering and production costs."

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