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Brush Your Basics Into Shape

Photoshop has evolved into an endless well of options for creating stunning artwork. An array of presets, brushes (here you can find some free Photoshop brushes), filters and much more besides provides you with a platform to pump your ideas through to achieve quick results.

However, the more you work with Photoshop, the more you'll realise there are some industry best-practice rules that will not only make it easier to correct your mistakes, but also enable your file to speak a universal language should it need to be passed on to other creatives outside your studio or agency. Everyone has a slightly different way to retouch blemishes, but most of the essential basic methods are shared by creative professionals around the world.

Adjustment layers, clipping masks and many other layer add-ons are used in the same way by retouchers, designers and illustrators alike. The following tutorial gives you a peek behind the scenes, showing you how to use these add-ons to create a vibrant image full of quirky details. By following the rules, you'll be able to simply change your mind as you go along without losing any quality.

Click here to download the tutorial for free