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Computer Arts reveals how to promote yourself for free

Whether you're fresh out of education or an established studio, all creatives need a self-promo boost once in a while. This issue, we bring you our guide to getting your name out there without breaking the bank - it's easier than it sounds, once you know the tricks!

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In our Special Report, we look at the modern music design scene. It's long been the playground for young designers (Neville Brody, Peter Saville and Stefan Sagmeister all dabbled in music design while they were making a name for themselves), but in a scene that's almost unrecognisable compared to what it was a decade ago, is that still the case? More to the point, now that thumbnail-sized icons provide the only canvas for much music artwork, why are designers still attracted to the sector? Adrian Shaughnessy investigates.

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We've supercharged our Projects section with a selection of pro workflow tips to help you fine-tune your Photoshop and Illustrator skills, as well as exploring the latest in creative tech (this issue, the Oculus Rift). Don't worry, though - there's still our usual range of inspiring project diaries in there. This month, we unpick Duffy & Partners' rebrand for craft brewery Summit, and go behind the scenes on a surreal music video.


  • Video insight fresh from Rose studio
  • We speak to design icon Louise Fili
  • Event report from Leeds Print Festival
  • The best design work of the past month from around the globe

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