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Create a newsprint magazine

We all know that the iPad and other digital tablets are part of the future of editorial design.

But one of the reasons why we chose to publish a paper magazine was the human-like character that paper accommodates. It smells, ages and feels. We love the smell of ink, and even prefer paper texture degradation. Most of all, we believe that this tactile nature still helps to attract readers, and ultimately helps people remember our magazine.

With a 2,000-copy print run, Newwork magazine is distributed in the USA and Japan, and printed black-and-white, with one additional colour on the cover. At first, this decision was purely driven by necessity, since we didn't have a huge operating budget and couldn't afford to print in colour on high-quality paper. However, we now realise the unique beauty of black-and-white, and how it can really maximize the power of design.

In this tutorial we'll take you through the key design decisions that went into creating issue four of our magazine, and share some insider tips to help you get your own newsprint publishing operation off the ground.

Click here to download the tutorial for free