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Deliver a knockout creative punch

1: Have a go
Nine out of 10 of your competitors won’t even try. If you manage to crack a big client the financial rewards can be very, very good.

2: Be an expert in a field that clients are eager to tap
When I started 11 years ago my target clients wanted low-cost TV commercials. Then it was digital. Then it was marketing to their big retailers. Then it was social media. Find out what it is now and tailor your offering.

3: Keep it simple
Traditional marketing doesn’t really work when trying to crack a big company – I wasted lots of time with flyers and brochures. Neither do networking events: does the marketing director of a huge company have time or interest in sharing cocktails with potential new suppliers? Of course not!

4: Try to talk to the right people
Aim for the people who have the discretion to book you and, crucially, pay for you.

5: Persevere
I had an annual coffee with an old client for years; he was always polite but no work ever seemed to materialise. I was on the verge of crossing him off my list when he moved companies and then suddenly needed lots of work from me.

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