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Discover digital designers' secrets with Fotolia

Every month for the next 10 months, one of the ten digital artists taking part in the Ten Collection project will release a layered Photoshop (.psd) file of their artwork that you can download and explore to find out how it was created.

Each 150dpi file will only be available for 24 hours, starting tomorrow -- Friday 9 December 2011 -- with the option to buy a 300dpi version for £6 after the 24 hour period has elapsed, which can be used for commercial purposes. Subsequent file releases will be available on the 10th of each month.

In-depth artist interviews

Fotolia has teamed up with design communities, Wisibility and Amkashop, to provide tutorials and educational resources to accompany each work. In-depth video interviews with each artist will also be posted on the Fotolia Ten Collection website. Commenting on the project, Fotolia CEO and co-founder, Oleg Tscheltzoff said in a press release:

"[The Ten Collection offers] a rare and insightful look into the intricate and hidden processes that these internationally renowned digital artists use to create their amazing visuals. Our goal is to provide the education and inspiration that every artist and designer desires.”

The ten digital artists taking part in the project are:

1. Soemone (Pierre Doucin) -- artwork available for 24 hours on Friday 9 December 2011

2. Trust In Elements (Xavier Bourdil)

3. Takeshi (Emeric Trahand)

4. Hellohikimori

5. Joolz (Julian Morel)

6. Franois Leroy

7. Pulssart (Adrien Donot)

8. Xerty (Brice Chaplet)

9. Neopen (Nicolas Andr)

10. Elroy (Damin Vignaux)

A promotional video for the Ten Collection project featuring artist Soemone is featured below

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