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Handsome Frank website redesign

Everyone's favourite illustration agency, Handsome Frank, has given its website a makeover – and very smart it is, too.

Representing, in its own words, "some of the finest contemporary artists on the planet," the agency is the place to find the works of esteemed illustrators such as Stuart Whitton, Jeffery Bowman and AnotherExample, to name just few.

The simple, understated design bring the artists' work the fore, showcasing illo work on their own page – as seen below on Jean Jullien and Malika Favre's respective pages.

Ever wondered who Frank is? And just how handsome is he, exactly? The new website includes a page dedicate to answering these questions ...

The redesign also incorporates a mobile version of the site.

Check out the full website at and follow the agency on Twitter, @Handseom_Frank.