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Image of the day: A Lasting Imprint by Denise Chippindale

Computer Arts: Tell us about the project ...
Denise Chippindale:
The piece is called A Lasting Imprint and is a self-promotional Kit. I feel that creating a mark is really important for any designer and it's one of my main aims: to leave a mark of individuality, creativity and to set mysef apart from peers and other designers.

CA: What were your aims for the project?
: My promotional piece, the whole look and feel, is all about craftsmanship and how I want to leave an imprint on the design industry.

CA: How would you describe its overall aesthetic?
Design is a means to an end. The kit contains a metal punch set that allows the receiver to not just receive, but to create their own mark, whatever that may be. The enjoyment of giving this piece is to hopefully encourage other designers to go back to their roots and look at the different processes of design.

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