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Image of the day: Unravel by Joseph William

Computer Arts: Tell us about the project ...
Joseph William:
This was a self-initiated project. I wanted to play around with a style that I'm still working on, and really push it as far as I can. I also wanted to create a striking image that would leaving a lasting impression on the viewer and hopefully have them question certain traditions. The project actually came to me around the time of the Grand National, when lots of people, whether they're betting people or not, place bets. I'm hoping these images will help people to understand the consequences of betting on a harmful sport, be it horses or greyhounds.

CA: Describe your workflow ...
: My image making process really hasn't changed much over the years. It always starts with lots of sketching, making sure I get the composition right. I then blow my pencil sketch up to A3 size. After that, I start inking. For this project, I used fine liners but, depending on the project and how precise the lines need to be, I'll occasionally use indian ink and a watercolour brush. I'll then scan this in using an A4 scanner and piece it together in Photoshop. I take the linework and start colouring underneath using my pen tablet. I would say the sketching and linework takes about two, three hours and then the same again for the colouring and finishing touches. I'm trying to push myself with the colouring a lot more, using a lot of gradient overlays and noise filters for texture.

CA: How did you get into design?
I got into design through playing in bands. I've been designing for different underground punk bands for over five years, doing T-shirts, album artwork, tour posters. I really enjoy working with musicians as they come up with some great ideas. I think my style has evolved a lot over the years, as I continually try and push myself to create more interesting compositions and concepts. It's only over the last year that I've realised a successful design is 90% concept and 10% execution. Ideas can come from anywhere, but I've found I'm always trying to question tradition, my surroundings or popular culture.

Check out more from Joseph William on his website and on Twitter.

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