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Jessica's Hische's new baby: Minot display typeface

Talking about the creation of Minot Font on her website, Hische says:

"Minot is a new display typeface that I had a ton of fun making and hope you guys have just as much fun playing with it. The typeface comes in three styles: Outline, Fill, and Box, and they're meant to be used together to create multi-color headlines.

"I had fun messing with it myself and making examples to show you guys how creative you can get with it. I look forward to seeing this one on your wedding invites, baby announcements (minot means “child” in French) wine labels... just about anything you want to make fancy!"

A picture of the Minot Font, designed by Jessica Hische

A picture of the Minot Font, designed by Jessica Hische

Who is Jessica Hische?

Based in San Francisco, USA, Jessica Hische is a talented, successful letterer and illustrator with a string of high profile awards and clients to her name.

She's an ADC Young Gun and two-times 'Forbes 30 Under 30' award winner with work for Wes Anderson, Penguin Books, The New York Times and Victoria's Secret stashed in her rapidly expanding portfolio.

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