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Merge photography with sketch characters

It can take a lot of time and effort to wrestle with Photoshop's Pen tools to create your design elements from scratch, so in this tutorial I'll demonstrate how to give your images a more personal, hand-made touch by bringing to life some sketchbook artwork and transporting it into a new photographic scene.

This also gives you the chance to give all your doodles or characters that have never seen the light of day an outing in a brand new environment.

For this project I have chosen a playing card theme, which has dictated how I should take the photograph for my setting. But I'll quite often be inspired by a photograph I've seen in the first place, and think how I could make it into a new world for some crazy creatures. We will also look at how to add some natural-looking shadows to your creations, which will help to effectively bed them into their new home.

Click here to download the support files (6.42MB)

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