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M/M (Paris): exclusive interview

Here's just an extract from the in-depth profile and interview, which will appear in the November 2012 issue of Computer Arts, on sale in-store and online from Thursday 18 October...

“...What excites us in what we do is more the people we work with than the brief we are given,” says Amzalag.

“To use Bjrk as an example, we are dealing with such an exceptional person who is very generous and very creative, and that’s the kind of relationship we value, with any artist or photographer.

"We’ve been lucky enough to be able to find people who can engage in those kinds of conversations, which is very different and a lot more exciting than just looking at a brief.

“Usually, when we get a precise brief sent to us, we start by questioning every element of it; most briefs are badly formulated, with preconceived ideas about what you’re supposed to create. For us, it’s about flipping these ideas, finding ground and creating space.”