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Monotype exhibition: Designers unveil their type interpretations

You may have read our post last week about creative agency Mill Co.'s exhibition in conjunction with Monotype imaging, which promises to give a new spin on the type exhibition format.

30 different artists were asked to create a piece using or interpreting one of three new Monotype fonts: Akko, Neue Haus Grostek and Rotis II Sans.

Having been instructed to do "anything they like", the artists' contributions were kept firmly under wraps until opening night, but now we can reveal some of the one-off pieces on display. We also had a chat with the designers involved on the inspiration behind their work.

Mark Jewitt's interpretation consisted of a fantastic video piece. "I like Rotis, but it wasn't the most suitable font for the medium in which I was working," he explained. "I chose Akko for practical as well as aesthetic reasons."

Ann-Katherin Schubert and Oliver Harrison worked together to create this cut-out pattern. "This was a challenge for me," says Schubert, who admits the piece was her first type-focused brief. "I enjoyed the freedom we were give; it meant that Oliver and I could come up with somehting that incorporated his aesthetics and my pattern-making."

"I loved the fonts," enthuses Jo Hill, who described the exhibition as "inspirational". "I became really attached to the one I used. I had some good feedback about my piece, which was exciting," she adds, "and it was nice to see people examining my pattern up close."

Mariana Delellis Lopes chose to work in Rotis Sans Pro, because "it's elegant and gives a good contrast with the background images. Its proportions allowed me to interact and distress them while keeping its readability and form."

If you want to check out the exhibition yourself, it's being held at the The Mill Co. Project, Vyner Street, London E2 until December 2nd.