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Photoshop Essentials Vol. 3

Thanks for buying Photoshop Essentials Vol.3. Below you'll find all the video tutorials - as featured in the Pro skills section of the magazine (see page 102 for details of the printed walkthroughs to go with these video lessons).

Stylised gradient effects using channels

Create a vintage toy camera look

Complete the vintage toy camera aesthetic

Controlling saturation

Enhance detail using correction

Fix frizzy hair with the Oil Paint filter

Create porcelain-smooth skin

Control tonality with the Black & White filter

Perfectly retouch human skin

Tone and colour stylising

Frequency separation

Harmonise tricky tones and colours

Turn day into night with colour-shifted exposure

Create a pseudo-HDR effect with local contrast

Match tone and colour

Create a Technicolor look with the Channel Mixer

Add punch and dynamics to an image

Produce a Kodak-inspired film aesthetic

Complex effects using groups

And below you'll find all the resource files you need to complete the tutorials in the volume. Click on each to download the files you need.

Use actions to create organic imagery (page 46)

Download files here

Break the JPEG code (page 64)

Download files here

Create an abstract liquid effect (page 88)

Download files here

Create a simple iPad splash screen (page 98)

Download files here

Inject great depth into flat colours (page 144)

Download files here

Merge vectors with photographic imagery (page 156)

Download files here

Make your type stand out (page 168)

Download files here

Incorporate 2D art with 3D rendered imagery (page 182)

Download files here

Treat your type with neon colours

Download files here

Create realistic depth of field effects (page 188)

Download files here