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Power your Flash website with Flickr

You might have a Flickr account where you store portfolio images alongside your holiday snaps.

You might also have a Flash folio website that uses the same folio images, stored somewhere else. However, the beauty of Flickr's API (application programming interface) means you can have all your folio images in one place. These images will then be automatically pulled into your Flash website as and when you upload new ones to Flickr. This means your Flickr contacts will be able to see your work and Flickr will become the CMS for your folio site.

In part one of this two-part project, I show you how to build a simple Flash site, which pulls in your Flickr images from a specific set. In part two, Jono Brain will show you how to build a non-Flash version of your site for viewing on an iPhone, iPad or any other portable device that doesn't support Flash.

The full code can be found in the support files - you can insert your own logo and API key as you follow the steps. For those more experienced in coding, there's also a partial version included for you to work along with.

Click here to download the support files (1.04MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free