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Set up a Flash MP3 interface

With juicy broadband connections now the norm, MP3s have broken out across the web. And we can't let these precious audio files run loose. Detailed in this tutorial is a lesson in audio organisation.

Using a bit of ActionScript and XML we'll show you how to create a veritable stereophonic playground. These MP3s can be safely left to their own devices without screaming too loud, getting out of order or losing their name tags. You can even choose to stop them in their tracks should you feel the urge.

You'll learn to set up a file that provides the basis for a whole host of updatable Flash solutions and use old favourites like 'startDrag' to make a tactile and efficient volume slider. Although most of this tutorial is about audio, you'll also be adding a visual track-list reference so you can put names to those MP3 faces.

Click here to download the support files (814KB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free