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What could you create in the time it takes to brew a tea?

We all like our daily cup of tea and as creatives, you're probably a big fan of a hot drink or two. Whilst most of you will see this as an opportunity for a break from the working day, why don't you turn it into an opportunity for creativity?

Bigelow tea has teamed up with artist Geoff McFetridge in the first episode in a series called 'While You Were Steeping'. A collection of films exploring a moment that tea drinkers around the world can appreciate, McFetridge is encouraged to let his imagination run free by creating an artpiece in a matter of minutes.

Directed by Bucky Fukumoto, the film highlights Geoff's creative process - all in the time it takes him to steep a cup of tea. It's a refreshing take on the usual 'breaks' and shows you that it can take a matter of mintues to create a masterpiece.

Keep up with the series on the While You Were Steeping website.

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What could you create in the time it takes to steep a cup of tea? Let us know in the comments box below!