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Earn merit for your sins with these twisted scout badges

Twisted scout badges

Wear your badges of dishonor with pride and show off that time you pulled your sisters tooth out with pliers

South London based artist, Luke Drozd has made a set of the Scout patches you wish you'd have had to earn as a kid. Based on his book of comic strips, Threnodies, the designer has come up with scouting badges from "a world where scouting is a lot more fun" – and, not to mention, disturbing.

Earn your merit as a 'Spirit Medium' or practise the art of 'Money Laundering'. Some more of our favourites include 'Home Dentistry', 'Espionage', 'Curses and Hexes' and 'Time Travel'. Not to mention 'Prank Calls' – it's about time we had a badge of honor for that sleepover staple.

Available to pre-order as a full set and individual patches, the badges are traditional scout size (approx 4.5cm diameter) and cost £4 each, or £50 for a set of 16. Proudly stitch them onto your battle jacket, your fabric tote bag or even a pair of jeans.

Scroll down for a closer look at some of the most inventive merit badges we've ever seen…

Twisted scout badges set 1

Twisted scout badges set 2

Twisted scout badges set 3

Twisted scout badges set 4

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