Learn to paint and draw with this brilliant book

Get your copy of this special edition today!

Get your copy of this special edition today!
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We all like to think we can paint and draw, but how much do we really know? In reality, we all have gaps in our knowledge, and often a simple tip or trick can take our art to the next level.

That's why ImagineFX magazine and Creative Bloq have joined forces to create a stunning 148-page special edition, How to Paint and Draw (opens in new tab).

Covering everything from pencils and pastels to acrylics and oils, you'll find step-by-step advice on everything from creating your own workspace to using perspective and composition. From start to finish, this packed volume is brimming with ideas, techniques and tips from some of the world's leading artists.

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Whether you're a total beginner, a pro artist or somewhere in-between, you'll find How to Paint and Draw (opens in new tab) a great way to reinvigorate your enthusiasm and ability to produce brilliant art.

Check out the list of contents below and then order your copy of this exclusive book (opens in new tab) for just £9.99 including shipping.

01. Drawing: core skills

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  • How to hold a pencil correctly
  • How to draw basic shapes
  • How to combine shapes to create objects
  • Choose the right drawing tools
  • Start drawing with ink
  • Start drawing with pastels

02. Drawing: next steps

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  • How to draw in colour
  • How to draw and shade in 3D
  • How to add soft shadows
  • How to draw heads
  • How to draw animals
  • How to draw with mixed media
  • Prepare your sketch for printing
  • Sketchbook inspiration

03. Painting: core skills

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  • How to set up an art workspace
  • How to choose the right paintbrush
  • How to choose the right paper
  • Holding your brush and making strokes
  • How to correctly mix paints
  • Tips for combining colours
  • Get started with watercolours
  • Get started with acrylics
  • Get started with oils
  • Get started with gouache

04. Art theory

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  • How to master perspective
  • How to use the golden ratio
  • How to use the rule of thirds

05. Painting projects

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  • How to paint a vintage pin-up portrait
  • How to paint with acyrlic washes
  • How to paint a storybook-style portrait
  • How to paint an abstract-style portrait
  • How to paint a classically-inspired scene
  • How to paint faces

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