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Save the date: Mozilla Festival 4-6 Nov

Mozilla wants you to reinvent media on the web

Mozilla wants you to reinvent media on the web

This year's Mozilla Festival will be a treat: the theme is "Media Freedom and the Web", and the idea is to bring together open web developers, technologists and people in the media and arts to collaborate on interesting projects.

The emphasis will be on participation: there will be a number of workshops, hack sprints and design challenges intended to produce awesome new things for the web. If you have a big idea, this could be your chance to prototype it with a diverse team of experts.

You can browse the challenges here. To give you an idea, there's "Port a classic game to run directly in the browser", "Assemble a utility belt for data-driven journalists", "Create napkin sketches for killer web-based news apps, then see them made real" and "[Build] an HTML5 news app that does something new".

Attendees will include people from the BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera, The Boston Globe, Mozilla Labs, SoundCloud and Creative Commons.