The Simpsons created entirely in CSS

The Simpsons CSS

These well known characters have been recreated using markup only

The Simpsons has been entertaining TV audiences for more than 20 years with familiar characters created with traditional cel animation. But here web designer Chris Pattle has created some of the best known faces from the cartoon sitcom purely in CSS.

"First of all I took each character's face and broke it up into different shapes that I could then piece together to create the character," he explains. "You often see artists do the same kind of thing when demonstrating their drawing techniques so I figured it was the right way to start. The hardest part of this was breaking down the character into shapes that I knew I could create with CSS."

Pattle broke down each character into its individual elements and reconstructed them with CSS

He hopes to add more Simpsons characters in future, as well as find ways to reduce the number of elements used to create the existing ones.

Update: Pattle has temporarily removed his project from Github while he seeks legal permission to reproduce the Simpsons characters

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