The best Macbook Air 2023 prices this month

Two of the new MacBook Air 2023 (M2, 15-inch)
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UPDATE: The very first 15-inch MacBook Air 2023 (M2) deal is here. Head over to Amazon and you can get the entry spec model and save $50 - now $1,349. It's not a massive price drop, but it's more than I was expecting to report at this time.  

You'll find the lowest MacBook Air (2023) prices and the best MacBook Air 15-inch deals around here on this page. We here at Creative Bloq love the Air line of MacBooks, and this writer in particular will never go back to Pros having moved over to the thin, light and portable sister range back in 2020. But what's a good price on the new MacBook Air 15-inch (M2, 2023) model?

Well, it currently sits at the top of the Air pile, retailing from $1,299 for the M2-chip (8-core CPU, 10-core GPU), 8GB RAM, 256GB storage. Want the same but with 512GB storage? That'll cost you $200 more, at $1,499. And is this a decent price? Well that'll depend on whether you really want (or need) two extra inches on your screen. 

Everything apart from the higher res, larger display on the MacBook Air 2023 is the same as its smaller bro, the MacBook Air (M2, 2022). And the price difference is a handy $200 again. So you're paying one hundred bucks for each extra inch you get in the MacBook Air 15-inch. And here's a spanner in the works – the still-brilliant MacBook Air (M1, 2020) price has been dropping as low as $799 recently!

The best 15-inch MacBook Air (2023) prices and deals

MacBook Air (2023)

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MacBook Air (2023, M2, 15-inch)

The biggest (and nearly best) MacBook Air.

Processor: Apple M2 | Memory: 8GB, 16GB, 24GB | Storage: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB | Battery life: Up to 18 hours | Connectivity: 2 x Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C), 3.5mm headphone jack, MagSafe 3 | Weight: Both 3.3 lbs (1.51kg)

Beautiful display
Best speaker set up yet
Love the design
Is it an Air at 15-inches?
Same inside as 2022 13-inch

The MacBook Air 2023 (M2, 15-inch) seems to be a super popular laptop – but not without its detractors. Yes, it looks beautiful, and it provides the speed and power of the M2 chip, plus a higher res, bigger display than last year's 13-inch MacBook Air. But other than that, it's the same laptop, just $200 more (for the starting set up). 

Now, for many people, getting the light, beautifully designed Air at 15-inches will be worth those extra bucks. For some others, they'll just see if they can push for a 15-inch MacBook Pro, or go to the smaller 13-inch Air from last year. 

However, if you've been waiting for a great performing Air, only slightly bigger, this is literally the perfect laptop for you. And there are already some discounts. Right now, Amazon has chopped $50 off the asking from of the entry spec model. 

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