The best MacBook Air M1 prices in February 2024

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This page is dedicated to finding the best MacBook Air M1 prices around for one reason. We love the MacBook Air (M1, 2020). Actually, it's my primary laptop for work and, having used various MacBooks in the past, it's the best laptop I've ever used. But why, and what exactly is a great MacBook Air M1 price?

First off, it's the best MacBook Air to date, as we explain in our five-star MacBook Air (M1, 2020) review. Released in 2020, it quickly cemented its status as a serious laptop for creative work, featuring Apple's own M1 chip. This fast, powerful processor gives the laptop performance capabilities to rival a lower-end MacBook Pro, and all in a portable 13-inch body. I always thought I'd miss the bigger 15-inch Pro display, but for my work (photo editing, streaming, video editing, all on the move) the MacBook Air M1 is ideal.

A good MacBook Air M1 price would be around $899/£875, although we've seen the MacBook Air M1 price go down to as low as $799/£770. For context, the retail price of the MacBook Air M1 was $999/£949

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The best MacBook Air M1 prices

MacBook Air deals: MacBook Air M1

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MacBook Air deals (M1, 2020)

Probably the best 13-inch MacBook of any kind.

Processor: Apple M1 | Memory: 8GB - 16GB | Storage: 256GB - 2TB SSD | Battery life: Up to 18 hours | Connectivity: Two Thunderbolt ports

Impressive performance
Fantastic battery life
Great price
Lacking in ports

The MacBook Air M1 (2020) may be one of the best laptops ever made, so any creative with the budget to accommodate it should at least consider it when buying a new laptop. You can read our full MacBook Air (M1, 2020) review if you want to get into the nitty-gritty, but here's a quick overview of the basics. 

The MacBook Air M1 is very nearly as powerful as the equivalent MacBook Pro M1, and comes at a much more reasonable price. You can get versions of the Air with a 7-core or 8-core GPU, the latter having an edge in terms of processing power. One of the main differences from the Pro is that the Air also does not have a Touch Bar, which for some users is a deal-breaker, though many others aren't as fussed.

There's not much else in it. The MacBook Air M1 still boasts a 16-core Neural Engine, a couple of Thunderbolt ports, a high-resolution screen with the P3 colour gamut, and more besides. There are also plenty of updated versions of apps and programs that are designed to take advantage of the M1 chip architecture, meaning you can be sure you're getting the best performance out of your machine. 

The Air is lighter than the Pro, making it better suited to creating on the go or using as a travel laptop. The battery life is pretty good, rated to go for around two working days without needing a charge, though this will depend of course on exactly how you use it. In sheer value terms, this is one of the best Apple laptops you can buy.

Lighter than the M1 Pro but almost as capable at coping with tough design tasks, it also has a battery that'll keep going for two days of work without needing a recharge. Basically, in terms of bang for your buck, this is by far the best Apple laptop of any stripe available right now.

Is the MacBook Air (M1, 2020) still good with the new 15-inch release?

Definitely! Of course, it'll depend if you need the extra juice that the 2023 model provides with the M2 chip, and if you really want that Pro-like 15-inch display. For me, the 13-inch display is the sweet spot for my work, which entails writing, streaming and photo editing when I'm on the move, with a 27-inch monitor when I'm in the office. 

When considering the value for money, I still think this 2020 model stands up well. If you get it for around $800, you're still getting a wonderful laptop that's portable and powerful, and you're getting a deal. With the new 2023 15-inch MacBook Air on sale, expect even better prices on this MacBook Air (M1, 2020). 

MacBook Air M1 deals: where to find the best deals?

It's worth considering Apple's official refurb store, where Apple sells its older models at a discount of up to 15%. They have new batteries and screens, so you won’t see any scratches and they look as good as new, plus you get a year’s warranty. Stock availability varies, but it’s a great way to find some brilliant deals on Apple's laptops, including the 12-inch MacBook that Apple no longer lists on its front-facing store.

There's also some great savings to be had on the latest hardware as well, with some excellent recent Apple laptop deals. To make things easier, we've scoured the internet to find the best cheap MacBook Air deals and MacBook deals – so if you’re in the market for a new Apple laptop then you’re in the right place.

Our system checks the prices of every MacBook model at all major, reputable online retailers, so you can be sure that the deals you see here are the very best you’ll find.

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