The best Apple Trackpad deals in February 2024

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This page is a regularly updated live feed of the best Apple Trackpad deals available today. The original Apple Trackpad was released in 2010, and came just in silver (aluminium). It can be used instead of a traditional mouse or alongside it based on your preference. There are varying models of the Trackpad now, and the second gen Apple Trackpad comes in black and has edge to edge coverage of useable surface - a larger surface than the first Gen. It also has the haptic click effect and is a lot more responsive than the first Gen. You don't need batteries to power it up either – simply use the included USB-C to lightning cable to charge up your trackpad and much like the Apple magic mouse, a full charge will last you several weeks. 

We see pretty varying prices on the Apple Trackpad from various retailers. Much like most of their other products, discounts and deals from Apple directly are rare and the Trackpad currently retails at $129/£129 for the white version or $149/£149 for the black one. However, right now we're seeing the trackpad drop as low as $114/£124 on Amazon so there are definitely deals out there. This page is the best place to keep an eye out for similar great discounts as we pull in live prices wherever you're based.

If you prefer a more traditional mouse,  see our guide to the best mouse for MacBook Pro and Air, or our guide to the best mouse overall. In the meantime, below you'll find the best current Apple mouse deals, and we'll also include the best Magic Trackpad deals for those looking for the super versatile Apple trackpad.

The best Apple Trackpad deals

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Apple Magic Trackpad

The best alternative for the traditional Apple mouse.

Weight: 231g | Battery life: About a month

Long battery life between charges
Stylish design
Only compatible with Apple Products

If you prefer using a trackpad over traditional mouse and want to add one to a desktop Mac setup, many users swear by the Magic Trackpad. This 6in by 4in almost flat multitouch surface is more expensive than the Magic Mouse but it offers space for some more sophisticated finger gymnastics with 11 gestures for macOS, which you can turn on and customise in the System Preferences. The Magic Trackpad's increased gesture versatility makes it easier to navigate, and you can use Force Touch to access Look Up for additional information. While it takes up more space than a mouse, many find it more comfortable to use, and it avoids the main weakness of the Magic Mouse because you can use the Magic Trackpad while it's charging. Like the Magic Mouse, as of March 2022, the Magic Trackpad is also now produced with a black multi-touch surface rather than only white.

Can you use an Apple Trackpad with an iPad?

Yes, you can use the Apple Trackpad with any iPad that's running iPadOS 13.4 or newer, which includes all iPad Pros and the iPad 5th generation or later. You'll need to pair the devices using Bluetooth by turning on the Trackpad and going into the settings on your iPad to pair them.

Is the apple trackpad compatible with windows?

Unfortunately, the Apple Trackpad is only compatible with Apple devices. Apple does not offer a driver for Windows and Microsoft doesn't support the Trackpad. Much like most other Apple products, the tech giant likes to keep its products within its own product line but you can find similar alternatives that work on non-Apple devices.

Can you use the trackpad and a mouse at the same time?

Yes you can! Although they are similar, both products are independent of each other and connect via Bluetooth to your device. You will have one cursor on your screen but by going between the two accessories you can use the mouse for more precise movements and the Trackpad for things like scrolling, rotating and more advanced custom inputs. This makes it a great addition for creatives to speed up their workflow.

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