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AROUND THE BLOQ: Photo tips, JavaScript, SEO for startups and more!

The inspiration for Comic Sans gives his verdict on this 'awful font'

Dave Gibbons, the artist behind the legendary Watchmen comic series, gives his opinion of the font his work inspired.

SEO for startups

Tom Gullen presents a primer on SEO (not only) for startups and explains common misconceptions and mistakes as well as the importance of accessibility.

20 typography Twitter accounts you must follow

Seeking typography-related tips, updates and inspiration? Head to Twitter and follow our favourite type-centric accounts, plus those suggested by a selection of leading designers.

Build a steampunk model in Maya

Freelance Maya generalist Patrick Finn shows you how to use hard-surface modelling techniques to create a stylised mechanical bird.

10 tips for photographing your own work

You don't need loads of expensive gear to take great photos; just follow Joel Voelker's expert checklist.

Essential JavaScript: the top five script loaders

Jack Franklin explains how JavaScript script loaders work and examines five of the most popular ones to help you decide which one to use for your project.