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ISS startrails like you've never seen them before

Thanks to some guy called Felix, we've all been a bit excited about space recently. The galaxy is of course, beautiful in itself but what happens when you use some clever video production techniques to make it even more stunning?

All gone Tron

This video provided by Christoph Malin has 'Tron-ized' these images from NASA's International Space Station. Inspired by the light cycle races in the 1982 movie, Christoph stacked the images using StarStaX to create star trails. These star trails produce breathtaking patterns and sequences that make space look even more stunning.

Hot pixels

The many oversaturated hot pixels in some of the scenes are the inevitable result of ultra-high ISO settings from the Nikon D3s, which is used by the team on board the ISS.

As there are no dark frames or RAW data currently available, hot pixels are not easy to remove. After the initial stacking, all images were sequenced using Apple Motion. The video was cut and edited with Final Cut Pro X.

Have you seen any stunning space videos? Let us know in the comments box below!