The best fonts on DaFont

Graphic displaying article title, 'Best Fonts on DaFont', using a selection of different fonts for each letter, with a multicoloured grainy background.
(Image credit: Designed by Mabel Wynne, fonts by various artists via DaFont)

Any designer will know that choosing the right font in a platform like DaFont is one of the most crucial decisions to be made in a project. The right font has an ambitious task on its hands; it must be distinctive and recognisable initially, but also must create familiarity.

Typography also plays a big part in setting the tone for a project and the right font can offer a base to create a piece of distinctive typography of your own. A good font is not too definitive or restrictive; it suggests the groundworks for something that is yet to be created.

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Mabel Wynne

Mabel is a freelance writer, artist and filmmaker. When she's not writing about the arts industry, books or culture, she's working on writing and illustrating her stories or developing experimental filmmaking projects. Working in journalism, poetry, documentary-filmmaking, illustration and fiction, storytelling is at the heart of what she does. She started writing articles in online magazines when she was seventeen. After training at the BFI Academy and then studying at UAL, she is now continuing to write articles while she works on creating and launching her first books and films.