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Guess the designer desktop!

Here's how it works: we've featured a selection of images of a mystery artist's desktop, accompanied by a set of clues. All you have to do is guess who it belongs to...

Clue 1: Fun filled shelves

"There's no rhyme or reason to the toys we pick up, we just grab what we like. We certainly aren’t completionists of series or sets and gaining access to the books is becoming tricky! Hmmm, come to think of it, there is only one of our toys on show in here..."

Clue 2: Wall art

"We collect lots of little things to frame, so these are always changing. Lots come from our talented friends, others from holiday destinations or packaging and magazine clippings."

Clue 3: Cat nap

"This is Mochi, he sleeps all day, so we don’t have to. He likes to stress test our creations..."

Clue 4: Screen printing

"We started screenprinting a couple of years ago, it was (and still is) a fairly lo-fi process. We made these squeegees that have done us well and are still going strong!"

Clue 5: Snacks

"Elevenses! If there’s Nutella in the house, it doesn’t last long!"

Clue 6: Bristol view

"The studio is a bright room at the front of the house. The house is raised up on a hill, so out of the window you can see lots of sky and green fields, which is pretty good considering we are 10 minutes walk from the heart of Bristol."

So, did you manage to guess the mystery designers?


Jodie and David are Peskimo. Since meeting at university in Leeds, they saw eye to eye on robots, kittens and evil monkeys. The duo began working under the name Peskimo in 2004 and together they have crafted a vast array of characters and creations that have appeared on t-shirts, magazines, newspapers, billboards and nightclub walls. They find inspiration in cartoons, vintage graphic design and overhearing people in the post office queue.

In 2006, they collaborated with Kid Robot to create a mini series of toys which featured 16 unique characters sold as 3 inch vinyl figures. They have since worked with other toy companies including Crazy Label with whom they created the iconic Monster Burp figure in 2008. Since working as Peskimo, the pair has worked with a wide variety of clients including Sony, Barclays, MTV, BBC, Vodafone and AOL.

Well done if you managed to guess this week's mystery designers. Make sure you check back next week for another desktop challenge!