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Guess the designer desktop!

We've featured a selection of images of a mystery artist's desktop, accompanied by a set of clues. All you have to do is guess who it belongs to...

Clue 1: Turntables

"During our lunch break, we like to DJ. In the past, we used to DJ to pay our students bills and the fun and skill of it has never left us."

Guess the designer desktop: Turntables

Clue 2: Tools of the trade

"A couple of years ago, we launched our first graphic novel, which was put together on this lightbox and drawing board. We are deep into book two, which will be finished soon!"

Guess the designer desktop: Lightbox

Clue 3: Studio space

"Our studio is big enough to shoot in. For the past six years, we've worked in the advertising and fashion industry as a photography and creative direction team."

Guess the designer desktop: Desk

Clue 4: Reading material

"We have a huge library of books, from history to graphic design and even tarot reading. This material fuels our desires and creative heads."

Guess the designer desktop: Books

Clue 5: Another pair of hands...

"We've worked as a dynamic, creative duo since 1998, where we made our name early on as type designers. Today we are more commonly known for our photography and art direction."

Guess the designer desktop: Type

So, did you work out which creative duo this all belongs to?

Nick and Adam Hayes of Identikal

Nick and Adam Hayes are multitalented creative directors living in NYC, with a love of image making, typography and design. Throughout their careers they have been motivated with the desire to innovate and create high-quality creative solutions across multiple media platforms for companies such as: Guinness, Sony Playstation, Nike, Orange Telecommunications, Ted Baker, MTV Europe, Doc Martens, Timex and many other leading brands.

They feed their passion for creativity by travelling regularly, reading both fiction (sci-fi) and non-fiction (history), watching world cinema, and attending creative events in the world of music, culture and art. Their love for the creative industry continues to grow by always being open to new technologies, new people and new ideas.

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