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Join the big Twitter debate!

Should the web designer be a jack of all trades, or master of one? It’s a big question, and so we’ve joined forces with Computer Arts and Adobe UK to host a lively Twitter debate on the subject TOMORROW. And we want YOU to take part.

It’s a great opportunity to get your voice heard on this important issue. And you could even win tickets to a special event into the bargain! The discussion will be centred around three specific questions, posted on the @netmag Twitter account at regular intervals:

  • Should designers learn to code? Is it okay to separate 'creative' and 'coding', and just hand over PSD files to build, or should web design be primarily about functionality and be more joined-up?
  • Is 'UX designer' a real job? Should UX be part of every web designer's responsibility, and not a job in its own right?
  • Who should take responsibility for project management? How much responsibility should web designers take for project management, and how much should they rely on a dedicated project manager?

It’s easy to take part. Just look out for the @netmag Twitter feed at 6.30pm UK time/10.30am PST/1.30pm EST.

When you tweet your replies, make sure you use the hashtag #CreativeWeekUK so that everyone following @netmag, Computer Arts and Adobe UK can keep up with the whole chat. (If you don’t, we’ll hunt you down and beat you with twigs.)

You’ve probably already got strong feelings on these issues, but if not you may want to check out the following blog posts to see what all the fuss is about:

Everyone taking part in the debate will be eligible for Adobe’s prize draw to win tickets to a special live event during Adobe Creative Week. Starting from Monday 9 July, Creative Week will present interactive debates, creative challenges and exclusive demos, bringing together the worlds of graphic design, web development, imaging and CG.

In the meantime, see you tomorrow on Twitter!