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New campaign transforms Honda Fit Twist into mixing deck

The Honda Fit Twist, made exclusively for the Brazilian market, debuted at the Sao Paulo Auto Show this year. But instead of hitting the road, recently the new model has been transformed into a mixing deck.

Ad agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi conceived the 'Drivemixer' campaign, in which the Honda Fit Twist was transformed into a professional mixer, enabling NASA (aka LA-based Squeak E Clean and Brazilian DJ Zegon), to create a new track using the Honda as a musical instrument.

Wheels of steel

The technical crew turned the car into a keyboard module and all the elements in the track composed by the two DJs were created using features, such as the gear stick and indicators, transformed in the car. The result is this video that presents to NASA fans the unpublished song "Overdrive", composed by the duo inside the Honda Fit Twist, with the special participation of Derrick Green, Sepultura’s vocalist.

Creative director of F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Theo Rocha commented in a press release, "This campaign goes beyond the launching of a new product. It's the main bet of the brand on the approach of a younger public. That is why it was so important to breach the conventional line."

Watch this! Cool making-of video:

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