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Winner announced in Corbis 'Make Your Mark' design compo!

Corbis Images recently partnered with Creative Bloq to launch 'Make your Mark', a competition giving you the opportunity to design a stand-out poster for a charity or cause you care about.

Corbis - which provides creatives with world-class fresh, inspirational and on-brand royalty-free content - provided a bundle of topical images for everyone to download and use as part of their entry. Entrants needed to use at least one of the provided Corbis images and a social focus is mandatory. And the deserved winners are Theresa and Sophia Götschl!

Very happy to have won!

"Theresa is working with Refugio Kunstwerkstatt München for her Bachelor thesis, and we both thought this was the right cause to gather some money for," explains Sophia Götschl. "It is a place where refugee children in Munich can be creative and get workshops like drawing, handicraft, dance and acting.

"When we thought about what our poster should look like, we came to the conclusion that taking the beautiful drawings of the children as central motive would be best," explains Götschl.

The scene is supposed to look like an adventurous place in the imagination of a child. The idea of the "wild journey" is intended to show on the one hand how far you can travel with only your imagination, on the other hand it also refers to the background of the children, who have traveled a long way to get to Germany.

"We wanted the poster to communicate how important it is to the kids, who live in crowded refugee accommodations, to get space to act out their creativity," Götschl tells us.

"We are very happy the poster won, because a comparatively small organization like Refugio Kunstwerkstatt can use the Money very well. – And also because it was a challenge called for by creatives, won by creatives, and, most important: the donation goes to creatives. That sounds fair," Götschl concludes.

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