Flights of Creativity: the VFX behind Masters of the Air

Masters of the Air VFX
(Image credit: DNEG)

Over five decades as a director and producer, the legendary Steven Spielberg has brought landmark World War II stories to movies and TV. In doing so, millions have encountered an important era of our human history.  Spielberg’s TV series Band of Brothers and The Pacific have been landmark events, and in early 2024 on Apple TV+, the latest Spielberg-produced World War II drama, Masters of the Air, launched.

Amid the series’ battles for freedom in the skies, DNEG was in the midst of the creativity as the main VFX partner. In total, the studio delivered over 1,600 shots and more than 200 assets across 32 sequences that featured in eight of the nine episodes of the series. 

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Visual effects journalist.