Get UX testing right with these 10 essential steps

UX testing is essential when designing user experiences to ensure you're really serving the target user. And successful UX testing requires a deep understanding of the core goals that motivated a project in the first place. Purpose provides context to data. Without that context, the data can become clouded by your own personal bias and assumptions.

That's why so many impressive unauthorised UX redesigns of websites like Facebook would likely get nowhere. Making something better cannot be based on opinion. It doesn't matter whether you don't like using drop-downs in navigation, what matters is whether your user does. User experience strategy isn't about you or me or even about the client who's asking you to improve something. It's about the users that spend their hard-earned money on a company's products or services. The way to find out what works for them is UX testing, and below we'll outline 10 essential steps to get UX testing right.

Uber Sign Language

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Joshua has worked with agencies and Fortune 500s to refine UX strategies for nearly 20 years. He founded Candorem to lead UX execution through partnerships within established organisations.