10 tools for traditional artists this March

This month's round up of cool stuff for artists is a bit of a mixed bag. It includes a graphic novel about David Bowie, and a biography celebrating the life of one of the most divisive figures in modern art. We've got watercolour sets to suit every budget, and industry-standard manga pens. Finally, there are some arty socks, a typeface made of artists' signatures, and a tool to help speed up visual storytelling.

01. David Bowie graphic novel

This new graphic novel tells the extraordinary story of Bowie's time at Haddon Hall

In 1969, after his first hit single, David Bowie moved into a London commune with a bunch of musicians, hippies, and dropouts. Here he wrote songs like Kooks, Changes, and Life on Mars. Haddon Hall: When David Invented Bowie is a new graphic novel by Tunisian-born French cartoonist Nejib that tells that story.

02. Gauguin biography

French Post-Impressionist Gauguin's work was only appreciated after his death

In his beautiful 144-page book, Fabrizio Dori explores the career of one of modern art's most divisive figures. Gauguin: The Other World is a biography of an artist 'whose qualities as a man won him few admirers in his own lifetime, but whose talents as a painter would have an enormous influence on the art of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and many more.'

03. Arty socks

Feet Mondrian is part of Chattyfeet's puntastic range of socks

Chattyfeet is a brand that makes socks featuring famous faces from the world of art and entertainment. Included in its range are designs with names like Frida Callus, Kate Middle Toe, and Don Cottone (The Sockfather). But our favourite is this pair, named Feet Mondrian. They do a kids' range too.

04. Painting Perspective 

Master the fundamentals of depth to create realistic-looking scenes

This updated, expanded edition of Geoff Kersey's bestselling book helps you master the fundamentals of perspective. It contains all-new artwork, and step-by-step projects to help you perfect your technique. It's a useful edition to the bookshelves of the pro and amateur artist alike.

05. Army of Artists

This typeface is based on the signatures of famous artists

One for the typographers and art geeks alike here: Artupia used the signatures of its favourite artists to create a special typeface. It's called Army of Artists. 'What is unique to each and every artist on our site?' Artupia says. 'Their signature. Acting almost as their brand mark, as a sign of completion and a proud statement of "I did this".'

06. Ally Capellino Tate range

This tablet sleeve is part of Capellino's range for the Tate Modern

Ally Capellino has designed a range of accessories exclusively for the Tate Modern, all of which feature her 'distinctive use of durable, utilitarian, yet beautiful materials'. Choose from a tablet sleeve, durable tote bag and apron, each decorated with orange lining, logo patch and black leather trim. They're currently half price too. Bargain!

07. Better storyboarding 

Animade's Boords promises to make storyboarding a doddle

Boords is a web-based storyboarding tool. It helps speed up storyboard, making it particularly easy to add, cut and reorder your frames, either while working alone or collaborating with others. It was made by a London animation studio, Animade, but it's a really useful tool for storytellers of any kind.

08. Sennelier watercolours 

This watercolour set could be just the thing to take your painting to the next level

French company Sennelier has been making art supplies since 1887. This watercolour box set includes a fold-out mixing palette, 48 extra-fine half pans, a size 3 watercolour brush, and a set of five Curtisward watercolour brushes, all housed in a metal tin. It's everything you need to unleash your inner Turner. 

09. Travel watercolours 

The watercolour kit is perfect for painting on the go

This watercolour set is a bit easier on the wallet. British illustrator Charlotte Vallance created this watercolour travel kit, which contains a book of blank watercolour postcards, a mechanical pencil, watercolour travel paints, a mini brush, a paint water jar, and a case to keep them all in. Good for traveling with, but also a good beginner's kit.

10. Manga pens 

These pens have waterproof, fade-resistant ink

This Pigma drawing kit is aimed at manga and comic book artists. The ink is waterproof, fade resistant, dries quickly, and the Japanese brand promises, 'No smears, feathers, or bleed-through.' This is the six-piece set – with six different heads – but bigger sets are also available.

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