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3 top tips for pitching over Skype

Thanks to the wonder that is the internet, designers are able to work from home and complete projects wherever they may be in the world. The internet – and applications like Skype – also now make it possible to pitch to clients long-distance, opening up previously impossible opportunities. To walk us through how to successfully pitch over Skype, Pentagram designers Ana Rachel and Clare Newsam share their advice.

01. Prepare clients beforehand

“Send your PDF presentation through shortly before the call, so they don’t look at it beforehand,” advises Ana Rachel. “During the call, remind them which page you’re on, and keep checking if they’re still there.”

02. Remind them you're human

The team often makes films to show some of the design process to overseas clients, or more personality-led films to get across the vibe of the agency. “It makes the process more human,” explains Clare Newsam.

03. Add the analogue touch

Part of Pentagram partner Marina Willer’s process involves sketching ideas on a huge scroll of plotter paper. “They turn into huge five-metre-long sketchbooks, and we photograph them to include in presentations,” adds Newsam. “It helps break down barriers.”

You can see Rachel and Newsam and discuss how to succeed as part of a small team in the following video:

This article was originally published in Computer Arts magazine issue 261. Buy it here.

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Nick Carson
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