6 things to watch out for in UX design

The world of UX design is fast-paced and always changing. It can be overwhelming to keep up with what is coming next, so we’ve rounded up a few things to keep in your mind.

01. Don’t get swept up by the next big thing

Design trends will always be part of the design landscape, and now – thanks to social media – the more successful ones will spread like wildfire across the world (ahem, flat design). It can be all too easy for us designers to jump on these trends and dedicate our energies to them, but as more and more trends emerge, it’s up to us to think critically about each design trend and see whether it actually is something worth spending time on.

02. It’s all about software that aids collaboration

Tools such as Sketch bridge the gap between design and development

Tools such as Sketch bridge the gap between design and development

We are no longer in the age of the solo designer, heroically working in Photoshop creating pixel-perfect designs that get thrown over the wall to development teams. Us designers need to embrace the plethora of UX tools available to us now that help bridge the gap between design and development, like Sketch and Zeplin.

03. People are coming for your jobs. Skill up!

There are so many hungry designers out there, who have traditionally thought of themselves as web, graphic or UI designers, that are now getting skilled up and educated about UX design. These designers bring tons of skills from other disciplines and are becoming real hybrid designers. So, traditional ‘pure’ UX designers might need to think about skilling up in other areas to remain competitive.

04. Thinking about more than just the visual

Technologies such as VR are changing the game for UX designers

Technologies such as VR are changing the game for UX designers

As technology progresses, we are being called upon to consider experiences that are more than just visual. Where you are looking, what you are hearing, how you are touching – all of these are becoming increasingly important for UX designers to think about; it’s not just what our users are seeing on a screen. It’s really important we keep educated about the possibilities of technology and think about how we can design full experiences for all the senses.

05. The next evolution of the wireframe

Wireframes are traditionally a staple deliverable of UX designers, but how can we level wireframes up to cope with the expectations of today’s design climate, where motion, gestures and interactivity rule? What is the next evolution of the wireframe and how can it best support our teams? Expect to see some exciting iterations pushing the boundaries of what we think a wireframe is.

06. Creative facilitation is the key

A growing skill area for UX designers is the ability to creatively facilitate workshops, design sprints and meetings. The aim it to be an effective catalyst to propel teams to ideas, decisions and outcomes that are steps ahead of the pack. Leading teams through games, activities and discussions is a crucial job responsibility that more and more companies are jumping on.

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Yael Levey currently works at the BBC as Creative Director of BBC Weather, where she leads a team of UX designers, visual designers, information architects and design researchers to create a world class weather service for millions of people around the world.